Our quality promise

"Made in Europe" product quality

Care based on the latest scientific findings

For more than 30 years, our customers have trusted the extraordinary quality and safety of our products.

As a manufacturer of high-quality orthopaedic insoles, we therefore manufacture exclusively in Germany and neighbouring European countries.

All of our products are subject to strict safety checks. The materials we use are checked for harmful substances and are tested regularly for their cytotoxic properties.

But that alone is not enough to guarantee high-quality products. Our aim is to keep making our products that little bit better. In this context, the high level of expertise of our own specialists and of all those who process and use our products is particularly important.

Through regular advanced and further training in our Mio Sports Academy, we guarantee care based on the latest scientific findings.

Current information on advanced and further training is available here.

Comprehensive service and individual consultation

Our clientele includes orthopaedic surgeons, orthopaedic shoemakers and technicians, and also businesses and private customers. The wishes and requirements of our customers could not be more diverse.

Through comprehensive service and individual consultations, we are able to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and the best possible care for our customers.

High aspirations

In 2017, we founded our Mio Sports Academy with the aim of furthering prevention and the promotion of health in society.

Because health cannot be taken for granted. Chronic diseases are on the rise due to changing living conditions and demographic shifts. A lack of exercise plays a decisive role in this.

To counteract this, we have developed our own health concept, which combines sports medicine and sports science knowledge with orthopaedic shoe technology.

The offer of the Mio Sports Academy ranges from advanced and further training and course programmes to special Mio analyses for athletes, including, for example, gait analysis, motion analysis and performance diagnostics.

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