Miosol® covers

Insole covers with special features

Miosol® covers for varying requirements

Covers for orthopaedic insoles have to meet a wide range of requirements. They have to be easy to maintain, particularly durable, and antibacterial or suitable for moisture wicking in order to best meet the needs and requirements of a wide variety of customers.

For this reason, we have developed our own insole covers, which ensure an excellent foot climate and effective moisture wicking, or are especially suitable for rheumatic/diabetes-adapted beds.

Come and see for yourself and allow yourself to be impressed by the special properties of the new cover fabrics Reballance and Miosol® Dry, or the new Secolino® material.

Miosol® Reballance

The feet of diabetics require special attention due to sensory and circulatory disorders. The cover of a diabetic insole must therefore meet very special requirements in order give the best possible protection to sensitive feet.

Our new cover material, Reballance, is ideal for rheumatic/diabetes-adapted beds and insoles.

It stands out for the following features:

  • Three-layer cover
  • Antibacterial thanks to silver ions
  • Secretion barrier
  • Washable
  • Permanently relieves pressure

Available in two formats

Unit 1 pair
Dimensions 2 x 350 x 150 x 4 mm
By the metre €/running metre
Roll width 145 mm

Secolino® material

The patented three-layer technology in every shoe.

Secolino® is an absorption technology that removes up to 100% of moisture within the shoe. The effective internal structure ensures that insoles with a Secolino® cover remain completely dry and odour-free. You can be sure of that!


  • Technical protective film: openings channel moisture into the lower levels for a dry surface.
  • Antibacterial membrane: microporous membrane with antibacterial properties ensures downwards absorption.
  • Absorbent layer: completely eliminates moisture and keeps the insole dry.

Safe and certain effect

The materials we use are carefully selected and processed using high-quality workmanship. Our products have been tested by renowned and accredited testing institutes in order to ensure flawless use.

The technology has been tested for harmful substances and antibacterial effects by the PFI (Test and Research Institute Pirmasens).

Dimensions 11.66 cm x 25 m
By the metre running metre


  • Complete absorption of moisture
  • Improved climate inside the shoe
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Prevent odours
  • Long durability
  • Up to 98% antibacterial effect*

*against gram-positive bacteria under DIN EN ISO 16187

Miosol® Dry

Miosol® Dry is an optimised microfibre cover that ensures that moisture is channelled away from the foot. This improves the climate around the foot. The foot remains noticeably drier, which improves the comfort of an insole, especially during sports and leisure activities.


  • Microfibre cover
  • Channels moisture away from the foot
  • Increases comfort
  • Suitable for sport and leisure
  • Available in 2 formats
  • Full surface can be printed in photo quality

Please note that the standard colours can be ordered from just 1 pair. The custom-printed Miosol® Dry microfibre cover has a minimum purchase quantity of 50 m2.

Unit 1 pair
Dimensions 2x 350 x 150 mm
By the metre €/m2