Miosol® insole

For sport and leisure

The Miosol® concept

The Miosol® system consists of 10 different sports insoles that have been specially developed for sports such as athletics, jogging, walking, hiking, football, etc., as well as 10 different everyday insoles for adults and children. This makes Miosol® the most comprehensive and individual system for orthopaedic insoles.

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Sports insoles

Do you love exercise and are active in sports? But you're increasingly suffering from pain in your back or hips, or experience discomfort in your feet and knees?

Our Miosol® sports insoles counteract this by positively influencing the body's mechanics and reducing stress on the feet.

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Everyday insoles

As long as we can walk and stand without feeling pain, we hardly pay any attention to our feet. But people with problematic feet often suffer from foot, knee and back pain. You want a better quality of life without having to do without your favourite shoes.

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Insoles for children

Are you worried about the health of your child's feet? Flat feet or pes planovalgus are completely normal in children up to the age of 10 and are no cause for alarm!

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