With Miosol® sports insoles

more fun when exercising

Relieve your musculoskeletal system

Do you love exercise and are active in sports? But you're increasingly suffering from pain in your back or hips, or experience discomfort in your feet and knees?

Our Miosol® sports insoles counteract this by positively influencing the body's mechanics and reducing stress on the feet. Their supportive effect relieves the entire musculoskeletal system, prevents injuries, and ensures that movement is fun again!

Custom insoles for sports shoes make the difference

In order for an insole for sports shoes to give the foot the best possible support, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The insole is able to be customised to suit the user's foot posture
  • The materials used take into account the stresses and strains of the relevant sport
  • The materials and form of correction are matched to the design of the sports shoes

With Miosol®, we have succeeded in developing an insole system for sports insoles that perfectly meets all three requirements, giving the foot the best possible support with every movement.

By using a variety of materials and topographies, we are able to take into account the requirements and loads of different sports, as well as various designs of sports shoes. The Miosol® sports insoles are custom-manufactured by your orthopaedic shoemaker based on a foot imprint taken on site.

Postural deformities of the feet, such as pes planovalgus, flat feet, pes cavus, splay feet or ossification such as heel spurs, are thus optimally compensated for and no longer get in the way of enjoyment of sport.

The result is the most customised possible footbed for your feet!


If jogging's the ideal fitness and relaxation activity for you, then Miosol® Running is the ideal insole for your running shoe! The highly shock-absorbent and particularly light material combines strong support with excellent cushioning of the heel and forefoot.

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A simple game wows the masses! If football fever's got hold of you too, and you want to improve your ball control, then Miosol® Soccer is the ideal insole for your football boot. The innovative, extra-narrow sandwich material with an integrated cushioning element allows you to control your feet perfectly and prevents premature fatigue.

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As a keen indoor athlete, you love fast play. But alternating sprints with abrupt stops and turns places extreme stress on your joints and ligaments. With its special cushioning properties and strong lateral support, the new Miosol® Game sports insole prevents injuries and gives you greater stability in your shoe.

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As an elite and competitive athlete, perfect transfer of power and higher performance are important for you – which means that Miosol® Track & Field is the ideal insole for your sports shoe. The thin, extra narrow insole fits precisely into every spike and is the basis for new personal bests!

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If the sight of freshly snow-covered peaks already has you looking forward to your next descent, then skiing's your passion and our Miosol® Ski sports insole is the ideal addition to your ski boot. It optimises the pressure at the edges and helps you to achieve the perfect turn initiation. Integrated Highflex forefoot cushioning protects against overloading and prevents pain

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If you're active in sports and work out in the gym, then Miosol® Workout is the ideal sports insole for you. The very light and flexible material is not only particularly supportive, but also offers an excellent cushioning effect, and is therefore specially tailored to the loads placed on your foot during your workout.

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If you train with heavy weights and want to increase your performance even more, then Miosol® Strongman is the ideal sports insole for you. The robust, highly stable material allows you to achieve a high degree of steadiness and perfect transfer of power, even with heavy loads.

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No matter whether you're a mountaineer, love the via ferrata, or are out and about in local forests, Miosol® Woodway is the ideal insole for your hiking boot. It combines comfort with stability and means that you won't feel symptoms of fatigue – even during long hikes.

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Are you the type of person who just has to get outside as soon as the sun starts shining? You grab your bike and go out onto the street? If so, then Miosol® Bike is the ideal insole for your sports bike shoe.

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