The Miosol® concept

Orthopaedic insoles for sport and leisure

The most individual footbed for your feet!

Do you suffer from foot, knee or back problems during your sports and leisure activities? The pain you experience is often caused by foot conditions such as pes planovalgus, flat feet, high arches, splay feet or ossification, such as heel spurs. This is where custom orthopaedic insoles come in.

Our new insole systemfor sports and leisure shoes – Miosol® – is perfectly matched to the specific loads placed on the foot during sport and everyday activities. By using different materials and forms of correction, it allows the greatest possible degree of customisation for orthopaedic shoe insoles, giving your foot the best possible support with every movement.

The Miosol® system consists of 10 different sports insolesthat have been specially developed for sports such as athletics, jogging, walking, hiking, football, etc., as well as 10 different everyday insoles for adults and children. This makes Miosol® the most comprehensive and individual system for orthopaedic insoles.

Our Miosol® shoe insoles can be customised, take into account the different shapes of your shoes, and stand out for their modern design and high-quality materials.

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The material properties and designs of orthopaedic shoe insoles make the difference:

In order for runners to be able to practise their sport as well as they possibly can, they need additional strong support and excellent heel cushioning with a custom orthopaedic insole. That's why we use a highly cushioning Highflex material in the heel area of our Miosol® Running, as well as high forefoot cushioning.

Our Miosol® Soccer, on the other hand, is characterised by its slim design, a raised outer edge in the forefoot, and an innovative sandwich material with an integrated cushioning element, giving footballers perfect control of their feet.

To allow the greatest possible support in refined ladies' or men's shoes, the orthopaedic insoles from the Miosol® Lady and Miosol® Business lines have a very thin, narrow design and good longitudinal arch support. Comfort is increased through the microfibre top section.

Expertise from elite sport

We have been setting standards in the custom care of foot and knee problems using orthopaedic technology for more than 25 years. To achieve this, we work closely with elite athletes, especially from athletics and football. Because where could there be a greater degree of stress and strain than there? The knowledge we gain in this way is incorporated into research projects that we run together with the Institute for Health Promotion and Research (IGFF). The latest output of this collaboration is the Miosol® insole system.

With Miosol®, we have succeeded in correctingfaulty foot postures with every movement, giving the arch of the foot optimal support and preventing premature fatigue.

    Our insoles

    • relieve pain on the foot itself, for example, by relieving specific pressure points;
    • have a positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system by correcting faulty bodily mechanics, compensating for muscular imbalances, or improving the sequence of movements;
    • prevent injuries; and
    • accelerate the healing process in the event of injuries and inflammation.


    The path to your new Miosol® orthopaedic insole

    If your doctor thinks it is medically necessary for you to wear orthopaedic insoles, he or she will write a prescription for you. Give this to your local orthopaedic shoemaker. Your health insurance provider will then cover most of the costs. You will only have to meet a small part of the costs.

    Statutory health insurance providers pay for two pairs of insoles per year, as the posture of the feet should be checked once a year and the insoles changed.

    By carrying out a detailed examination of your feet and a detailed consultation, your orthopaedic shoemaker checks the stresses your feet are exposed to on a daily basis and which shoes you wear. The orthopaedic shoemaker will use state-of-the-art aids such as foot scans, foot pressure measurement and gait analysis to find out where the problems arise and how he or she can treat your condition with an insole.

    Individual orthopaedic shoe insoles for every indication

    Regardless of whether you need an insole to reduce discomfort related to

    pes planovalgus, flat feet, pes cavus, splay feet, or ossiufication such as heel spurs, the path to your new Miosol® insole is always the same.

    Your insole will be made specially for you depending on your medical condition and the analysis of the orthopaedic shoemaker. There is no such thing as an insole for heel spurs, a special splay foot insole or an insole for back pain.

    Thanks to the thermoplastically malleable material used, as well as metatarsal pads, shock absorbers in the heel cup or different padding and top sections, the insole can be perfectly adapted to your needs and offers you the highest degree of precision when it comes to fit, and optimal comfort.

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