Health in companies

How to promote the health of your employees

Satisfied, motivated and healthy employees are an indispensable prerequisite for the economic success of a company. Many companies have already recognised this and are investing in a variety of measures for promoting health at the workplace.

The benefits of this are manifold and cannot be reduced to just the improved health and productivity of employees. The cost-benefit ratio is also impressive, because every Euro invested can result in a saving of 2.70 EUR due to reduced absenteeism.

    Do you also want to benefit from the advantages of corporate health promotion in your company, such as

    • reduced costs due to lower absenteeism;
    • higher employee satisfaction;
    • low staff turnover;
    • higher productivity;
    • increased competitiveness through more efficient employees; and
    • an improved image as an employer?

    In cooperation with other network partners, our MIO Sports Academy has developed a special module system to support companies with corporate health promotion, which combines insights from sports medicine and sports science with orthopaedic shoe technology.

    We offer you health days and year-round care and supply concepts and show you exercises that significantly promote the performance and health of your employees.

    We combine work with movement, because scientific findings show that movement ...

    • increases efficiency
    • strengthens the immune system
    • prevents tension
    • reduces stress
    • AND makes you happy

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