Secosol® in companies

Reduce absenteeism with Secosol® insoles in safety shoes

Currently, around one in ten employees suffers from postural deformities of the feet, which lead to the feet being permanently exposed to incorrect loads. This results in discomfort in the feet or the entire musculoskeletal system in the form of knee, hip or back pain.

Excess weight, as well as heavy lifting and prolonged standing or walking in the workplace, often exacerbate these incorrect loads. Our Secosol® insoles for safety shoes and occupational footwear compensate for faulty foot posture and reduce discomfort long term.

Secosol® is certified and type-tested for over 2,000 shoe models from more than 50 manufacturers, making it the most widely used insole system for safety shoes in Europe. It is characterised by a high degree of safety, quality and comfort.

Avoid absenteeism and supply your employees quickly and easily with our Secosol® insoles for safety shoes!

We offer companies an on-site service for this!

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How your employees get orthopaedic insoles for safety shoes

To help relieve the burden on you and not impair your corporate processes, we offer companies an on-site service. We or our premium partners carry out examinations of your employees directly on your company premises using mobile foot pressure measurement devices and foot scans.

Our shoe insoles are then configured using CAD and produced with millimetre precision using CNC insole milling machines. This guarantees the perfect dimensional accuracy and high quality of our products. We are able to reproduce custom insoles at any time.

Both the final adjustment of the safety shoe insoles for your employees and the annual inspection of the insoles are carried out by our Secosol® contractual partner at your premises.

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Assumption of costs for orthopaedic insoles for safety shoes

While you as an employer are responsible for providing your employees with suitable foot protection, and therefore bear the costs for safety shoes to a certain extent, you are not required to cover the costs of orthopaedically modified shoes or insoles for safety shoes that have been prescribed by a doctor.

However, as part of your corporate health management policy, you have the option of assuming the costs for provision of insoles for your employees and thereby making a significant contribution to maintaining their health and performance.

You will receive support from the state for this. The current measures in place to reduce the risk of illness and promote health in companies include up to 600 euros per year and employee in addition to salary and tax-free!

Want to find out more about funded measures for corporate health management? We will be happy to help!

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