Secosol® – there's one for everyone!

For craft & specialist trade

Flexible insole system for safety shoes

Looking for a highly flexible insole system for safety shoes so you can provide your customers with the best possible care? A system that's certified for almost all safety shoes so that you only need one system for all models and all of your customers? Then the Secosol® insole system is ideal for you.

Regardless of your manufacturing process, you can get Secosol® insoles as a kit or milled/thermoforming blank so that you're always certain to meet DGUV requirements.

Secosol® milled insoles

Our high-quality Secosol® insole system is certified for over 2,000 safety shoes from more than 50 manufacturers in accordance with DGUV 112-191, making it the most comprehensive and individual care concept on the market.

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Secosol® CAD blanks

In addition to our milled insoles and thermoforming blanks, we also offer a wide range of milling blanks for your CAD/CAM system.

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Secosol® thermoforming blanks

Do you supply your customers with conventional plaster or wooden insoles? Then our Secosol® thermoforming blanks are ideal for you! 

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Secosol® dynamic / kit

Looking for quick, easy and high-quality goods for customers who only have minor foot problems? Certified care that your customers need at short notice? Then we recommend the Secosol® dynamic. 

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Secosol® insole production based on a foot imprint

Have you reached your capacity limits, or do you want to outsource your insole production, either permanently or just temporarily? No problem!

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Shoe adjustment for work safety shoes

Do you need to modify a safety shoe for a customer, but don't know which material or adhesive you're allowed to use?

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Promotional materials

High-quality cooperation with our customers, built on trust, is particularly important to us. We will therefore be happy to support you in your sales activities and offer you comprehensive promotional materials.

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