Secosol® dynamic / Secosol® kit
Fast, efficient care

Secosol® dynamic

Three-stage certified insole system for safety shoes

Looking for quick, easy and high-quality care for customers who only have minor foot problems? Certified care that your customers need at short notice? Then we recommend Secosol® dynamic.

Secosol® dynamic is an innovative system for safety shoe insoles based on three steps. The care concept ranges from a slightly supportive insole (low) to a corrective insole (high). 

The cup, padding and top section of the dynamic come ready-glued and are available in individual sizes from 35 to 50. The dynamic insoles are adapted for all common shoe manufacturers and thus "ready to go"!

Benefits that will win you over:

  • Innovative three-stage insole system for safety shoes
  • The cup, padding and top section come ready-glued
  • High degree of fit and comfort
  • Effective shock absorber in the heel cup
  • 35° insole core
  • Thermoplastically malleable
  • ESD-capable
  • Fast, easy processing
  • Available in single sizes from 35 to 50
  • Can be custom-altered with tested Secosol® lifting materials
  • Compliant with DGUV 112-191 and ÖNORM

Improved foot climate


Energy recovery


Shock absorber

The Secosol® kit

Fast, custom care

Looking for a set that already contains all the components and that allows you to supply your customers quickly and easily?

Then use our proven Secosol® kit! Equipped with a base, metatarsal pad, textile or EVA top section, the set is available as a kit in double sizes from 35/36 to 49/50.

The base, made of our proven EVA 35 ° (+/- 5 Shore) material, is thermoplastically malleable and can therefore be customised.
Like all Secosol® insoles, the Secosol® kit naturally also meets all the requirements of DGUV 112-191 and is compliant with ÖNORM standards.

NEW: The tried-and-tested Secosol® kit is now available with a new flat cover, making it even easier to process and more customisable!

Benefits that will win you over:

  • Thermoplastic malleability
  • Available in double sizes: from size 35/36 to size 49/50
  • Base made of our tried-and-tested EVA 35° ±5 Shore
  • Metatarsal pad included in set
  • With textile or EVA top section
  • Compliant with DGUV 112-191 and ÖNORM
  • ESD-capable