The Secosol® insole

Stay safe and healthy at work

Are premature fatigue and reduced performance affecting your daily working life? And do you experience knee and back problems after a hard day's work? With Secosol® – our orthopaedic insoles for safety shoes – you'll always be light on your feet, even during heavy-duty tasks! 

The Secosol® concept

Orthopaedic insoles for safety shoes must comply with a large number of requirements in order to protect the foot in the shoe while at the same time offering the greatest possible comfort. For this reason, only certified insoles such as Secosol® may be worn in safety shoes.

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Insoles at the workplace

Do you often experience tired, heavy legs or pain in your feet? Do you suffer from knee or back problems after a long day at work, and are you looking for supportive insoles for safety shoes?

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Secosol Complete +

Do you experience only mild to moderate foot problems, and are you looking for certified insoles for safety shoes that take the load off your bodily mechanics, preventing knee and back problems? 

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Certified shoe models

Secosol® insoles are certified according to DGUV 112-119 for over 2,000 models of safety and occupational footwear from more than 45 manufacturers and are also compliant with ÖNORM Austrian standards. Take a look – your favourite shoe is guaranteed to be there too!

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These brands are certified with the Secosol safety shoe insole

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