Secosol® Complete+

Certified insoles for safety shoes

Improved foot climate


Energy recovery


Shock absorber

Insoles for safety shoes to take with you

Secosol® Complete+ is an uncomplicated solution for all those who only have mild to moderate foot problems and simply want to buy a customised, certified insole for safety shoes without a long wait.

With the help of a foot scan, our Secosol® specialist dealer will determine the low, mid or high insole variant that fits your foot posture. All you then need to do is select the right size for you to benefit from the advantages of our Secosol® Complete+. Because...

Secosol® Complete+ …

  • reduces stress through the anatomical fit of the integrated footbed

  • reduces the force of impact thanks to its integrated shock absorber

  • relieves the forefoot thanks to its integrated metatarsal pad

  • maintains a balanced temperature and humidity within the shoe

  • ensures optimal stability and improves body statics

  • reduces knee and back complaints

  • prevents premature fatigue

  • increases performance

  • guarantees safety while wearing the shoe, because the system is type-approved according to DGUV 112-191 for over 2,000 models of safety shoe and occupational footwear and is also ÖNORM-compliant

  • is anti-static and ESD-capable

  • Made in the EU

These brands are certified with the Secosol safety shoe insole

The secret to greater performance

Are premature fatigue and reduced performance affecting your daily working life? And do you experience knee and back problems after a hard day at work?

Then it's time for Secosol® Complete +, the new three-stage insole system for safety shoes. It protects against light to medium foot problems caused by excess loads, revitalises tired feet, and offers maximum comfort and safety.

Early fatigue and reduced performance in your daily work will be a thing of the past with Secosol® Complete +.

Special requirements for safety shoe insoles

Safety shoes and the insoles worn in them form a part of personal protective equipment in the workplace and are therefore subject to particularly high standards.

Only insoles that are certified according to DGUV 112-191, such as Secosol®, may be worn in safety shoes. This is the only way to provide the foot with the best possible protection in the shoe while not limiting liability in the event of an accident at work.

Our Secosol® insole system is certified for over 2,000 models of safety shoe and occupational footwear. Take a look now – your favourite model is sure to be there too!

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