The orthopaedic insoles for safety shoes

Make your working day easier with insoles for safety shoes

Orthopaedic insoles for safety shoes must comply with a large number of requirements in order to protect the foot in the shoe while at the same time offering the greatest possible comfort. For this reason, only certified insoles such as Secosol® may be worn in safety shoes.

The Secosol® insole system facilitates both individual orthopaedic care for workers with severe postural deformities of the feet, such as pes planovalgus, flat feet, high arches, splay feet or heel spurs, and, with Secosol Complete +, fast care for workers with only mild to moderate foot problems.

Faulty foot posture causes pain

The feet are the part of the body that is exposed to the most stress. Step by step, they carry the body's entire weight and are additionally burdened by heavy lifting or prolonged standing or walking at the workplace. Excess weight increases this burden even more.

Almost every other employee currently suffers from faulty foot posture and the resulting changes to the muscular and skeletal regions, so that the feet are permanently exposed to incorrect loading. This causes pain in the feet or the entire musculoskeletal system in the form of knee, hip or back pain.

Secosol – certified for over 2,000 shoe models

Our orthopaedic insoles for safety shoes – Secosol® – compensate for incorrect loads on your feet, thus avoiding pain caused by stress, even during long days at work. Certified and type-tested for over 2,000 shoe models from more than 50 manufacturers, there's a Secosol® for almost every safety shoe!<br/> <br/> Take a look – there's a Secosol® for your safety shoe too!

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Secosol® insoles for safety shoes – there's one for everyone

For more than 13 years, we have been developing technologies and care concepts together with testing and research institutes, universities and occupational safety experts to enable pain-free walking and standing during everyday working life and prevent consequential damage to the musculoskeletal system. The result of this collaboration is our Secosol® insoles for safety shoes, which are characterised by the highest possible degree of safety, quality and comfort.

  • are certified and type-tested by the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens (PFI) and by TÜV Rheinland for over 2,000 shoe models from more than 50 manufacturers and can therefore be used almost anywhere.
  • comply with the requirements of the "Trade Association Rules for Occupational Health and Safety (PPE) at Work" (DGUV rule 112-191) and
  • are, of course, ESD-capable and compliant with Austrian ÖNORM standards.

By using the latest materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, we are always able to keep improving the quality of our products that little bit more. This makes the Secosol® the most popular insole system for safety shoes in Europe.

Take a look – there's a Secosol® for your safety shoe too!

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