High-quality insole production based on foot imprints

Have you reached your capacity limits, or do you want to outsource your insole production, either permanently or just temporarily? No problem!

We are also happy to custom-manufacture Miosol® insoles for your customers based on foot imprints, so that you have more time for personal customer care and advice. You decide for yourself whether you would like to receive the insole milled only, as a custom kit, or as a complete assembly.

All we need for this is:

  • a scan (2D or 3D), foam foot impression or blueprint; and
  • the completed order form for the complete assembly of the insoles

Our site in Eschenburg-Hirzenhain has a high-quality machine park with state-of-the-art machinery for the production of custom Miosol® insoles.

This is why we can already guarantee meticulous, fast and high-quality production of insoles.

We will be delighted to advise you personally about the production of our Miosol® insoles based on foot imprints.

We look forward to receiving your call!


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