Miosol® insoles for all

From high heels to business shoes

Increased comfort with every step

As long as we can walk and stand without feeling pain, we hardly pay any attention to our feet. But people with problematic feet often suffer from foot, knee and back pain. You want a better quality of life without having to do without your favourite shoes.

With Miosol®, we have succeeded in developing a system of individual orthopaedic insoles that give the foot optimal support and stability, serve as a soft pad in the event of inflammation and pain, or specifically stimulate nerves in order to change muscle tension.

Our Miosol® insoles can be worn virtually invisibly in almost all shoes – from high heels to business shoes

Our Miosol® shoe insoles are custom footbeds for your feet. They are always necessary when you experience pain in the feet, back or knees due to postural deformities of the feet, such as pes planovalgus, flat feet, pes cavus, splay feet or ossification such as heel spurs.


They can have a positive impact on conditions affecting the feet themselves as well as those affecting the entire musculoskeletal system, for example, by:

  • relieving specific pressure points on the foot;
  • having a corrective effect on faulty bodily mechanics;
  • compensating for muscular imbalances; or
  • improving one's sequence of movements.


Orthopaedic insoles are also used for prophylaxis and to heal injuries and inflammation.

Orthopaedic insoles can also be used to compensate for different leg lengths.

Miosol® everyday insoles – a solution for every problematic foot

Depending on the indication, orthopaedic shoe insoles have to meet completely different requirements, and, as a result, they differ considerably from one another in terms of design, material properties and the form of correction.

Thanks to the thermoplastically malleable material used, as well as metatarsal pads, shock absorbers in the heel cup or different padding and top sections, the insole can be perfectly adapted to the specific needs in question and, as a result, offers the best possible fit and maximum comfort.

There's no question that not every shoe contributes to the health of your feet. But do you want to do without a chic, modern outfit because of this?  With the Miosol® shoe insoles, it is possible to combine better foot health and fashionable chic. With our insole system, we offer insoles for both high shoes and business shoes.

Our Miosol® insole system comprises 6 different everyday insoles.

Check it out now! Your new insole is guaranteed to be there too.

Miosol® Business

If a business outfit is standard in your job, but, in your opinion, the comfort of business shoes leaves a lot to be desired, then Miosol® Business is exactly the right insole for your business shoe. The slim design of the extra-thin insole guarantees you comfortable walking and standing – even during long working days!

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Miosol® Lady

Fashion-conscious women can breathe easy! The new Miosol® Lady insole offers extra comfort for all women's shoes, from ballet pumps to high heels! Thanks to its very thin design, Miosol® Lady is an ideal insole for narrow women's shoes. From strolling through town to a long night of partying, Miosol® Lady offers you increased comfort that you will never want to do without again.

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Miosol® City

If you're looking for wellness for your feet and want to walk both smoothly and comfortably, then Miosol® City is the ideal insole for your shoes! This insole with light support is an all-rounder in the Miosol® family of insoles and is suitable for a variety of shoe types. It offers you convenience and functionality around the clock.

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Miosol® Sensitive

If you are a diabetic, foot health is particularly important for you, because diabetics' feet have special needs. Our Miosol® Sensitive is very gentle on your feet. It counteracts the reduced sensation of feeling and pain in diabetes patients and prevents pressure points, skin injuries and bacteria.

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Miosol® Comfort

If you want to go through life with healthy and symptom-free feet every day, then Miosol® Comfort is the ideal insole for your shoes. It combines perfectly fitting support with high stability and optimal pressure relief.

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Miosol® Air

With Miosol® Air, stinky stocks are a thing of the past, even when you're really stressed in the office. Our insole forbusiness shoes "breathes" thanks to a perforated, 6-mm-thick layer of padding. It ensures dry feet and a pleasant climate inside the shoe.

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