Thermoforming blanks

Do you supply your customers with conventional plaster or wooden insoles? Then our Secosol® thermoforming blanks are ideal for you!

Thermoforming blanks are available in two sizes (up to size 43 and up to size 50). The top section and lifting material are made of EVA and are thermoplastically malleable, so you can supply your customers with insoles that are as bespoke as possible. 

In our Downloads Area, you can find installation instructions with the specific application you need.

By the way, we always offer two versions of our thermoforming blanks:

SOFT: in 35° +- 5 Shore

HARD: in 45° +- 5 Shore

Pad top section thickness:
3 mm

Longitudinal arch thickness:
8 mm, available in 35° or 45° ±5 Shore

Heel pad thickness:
6 mm

Forefoot pad thickness:
6 mm

Lifting material thickness:
8 mm, available in 35° or 45° ±5 Shore